I am an experienced commentator and media contributor, covering subjects related to war, peace, and the Congolese conflict. This section contains some highlights from my media work.

Inside Story, Al Jazeera English, Qatar
(January 2019)

Worlds Apart, RT, Russia
(January 2019)

Eye on Africa, France 24, France
(January 2019)

The World Today, CNTG, China
(December 2018)

Washington Forum, Voice of America, USA
(October 2016) (French)

Congressional Hearing, C-SPAN, USA
(November 2017)

Charlie Rose Show, PBS, USA
(December 2008)

Peace Corner Podcast, USA
(November 2020)

Media enquiries

I welcome inquiries for interviews and comments on peace and peacebuilding, especially concerning conflict-resolution, peacekeeping, international aid, or the current situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I look forward to hearing from you!

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I have written articles and op-eds, and have been interviewed for and quoted in a range of media outlets and publications.

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Selected audio

I have been interviewed and participated in talk shows for various radios around the world.

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